Policy and Legislation

Policy Development Illinois Farm Bureau.

It starts with YOU.

Step 1:

YOU have an idea, need or problem. Share it with YOUR county Farm Bureau (CFB) staff.

Step 2:

After YOU share YOUR idea with CFB staff and its deemed appropriate for statewide policy, work with CFB staff to research the topic, develop a policy resolution, and gather support from county leadership.

Step 3:

Submit YOUR policy resolution through YOUR CFB office for review by the state Resolutions Committee.

If Approved

Step 4

Farmer delegates from across the state will debate and vote on YOUR policy resolution at the IAA Annual Meeting.

If Approved

Step 5:

YOUR policy resolution becomes Illinois Farm policy.

Step 6:

POLICY IN ACTION! Illinois farm bureau works on YOUR behalf to accomplish policy at the county level, in Springfield and Washington, D.C.

Farm Bureau ACT – Knowing how important it is to have our voice heard, we encourage our farmers to get involved in the political process. Click the following link to learn more: https://www.ilfb.org/take-action/fb-act/