Farm Bureau from a Glance -  January 10, 2018

Tomorrow, January 11th is National Milk Day in our minds. The International Association of Milk Inspectors submitted a request to Congress in October of 1915 for a resolution naming an observance of National Milk Day. Although January 11 was suggested, an official act was never passed. Illinois AITC is excited to promote the day at the county level and encourage students, teachers and the community to learn more about milk, dairy cows, dairy nutrition, and animal nutrition. Each year, U.S. dairy farmers provide milk to make more than 1 billion pounds of butter, 7 billion pounds of cheese and 1 billion gallons of ice cream. That is a lot of milk. So celebrate with a glass of cold milk! Or in these temps, maybe warm the milk and make some hot chocolate!

The cold spell we had over the past week seemed to last more than long enough.  While most of us are able to just run in and out from the cold, livestock farmers have to do more than that.  As these temperatures remained negative, farmers were out making sure there animals were bedded and waterers had not frozen.  Climate control for animals is vital especially when it comes to productivity.  This is why you find livestock in confinement. Farmers are able to keep their environment controlled along with keep a better eye on the animals health and livelihood.

Will you be using Dicamba in 2018? In November, the Illinois Department of Agriculture announced that due to a change in the product label for the three dicamba-containing herbicides allowed for use on dicamba-resistant soybeans, all certified private applicators in Illinois or those applying these products under their supervision must attend a qualified dicamba training session this winter. Prior to applying these products in the 2018 growing season applicator(s) must complete dicamba or auxin-specific training. Labels for affected products may be viewed using the following link:

Various Illinois agricultural groups worked to facilitate nearly 60 FREE, 90-minute training opportunities around the state this winter. These trainings will assist applicators in meeting the enhanced training requirement and will provide a certificate of completion of the training (needed for certified applicator record-keeping).

There will be a training class held at the Stephenson County Farm Bureau building on Friday, February 23rd from 10 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Advance registration is required, please visit: to register or look at other venues.

If you haven’t called or stopped in the office lately, Karley is back at the office.  I am no longer on my own.  Also with her coming back, we have also changed our office hours to Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.  99.9% of the time you will still find me here at the office by 7:30 and here till 4:30 but just for those rare instances I am not, we had to have time-certain publicized hours.


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