Farm Bureau through a Glance - February 13

Someday when I get the time, you know likely when I am in a home, I want to write a blog.  I sure hope I can remember half of what I want to talk about. I would likely focus on food, my travel, work, fitness, and how to fit that all in in only 24 hours a day.  While you were all back here getting pounded with the artic blast, I was on vacation. Scott and I traveled to Puerto Rico.  What an experience.  First off, rent a car in what is as close to a third world country that I have ever been too, drive around without GPS or google maps in an area with street signs that either don’t exist or are as big as my forearm, oh and one of you drive while the other navigates.  People don’t use turn signals. If you don’t feel the frustration stemming from this, well, I may not be a good writer. Luckily we were able to navigate our way around by the third day. Once you get used to their driving, lack of signs, and get past the language barrier. I took two years of Spanish in high school and a semester in college…but that was more than half my life time ago!


We enjoyed five nights in a San Juan in an Airbnb.  This is the second time we have used Airbnb and so far we have had great luck. While at home you were getting pounded with snow and drifting roads, there were rip current warnings and waves of 15 feet.  Sand was washing onto roads.  I still would take that over 50 below wind chills. Also, as I was sitting there in the sun, I was regretting my decision to stay and fly at a hotel near O’Hare.  If you haven’t parked at O’Hare recently let me tell you garage F is the way to go.  Brand new facility with covered parking.  I can’t wait to go home and have to unbury my car.


The food on the trip was good. Roadside food is huge; be it a food truck, stand or even just a warmer and some tables. Our rule is never to go to a place twice, but we did break that rule once. We found a stand with Venezuelan food that was delicious. We did not eat the same food twice though even though we went there two times.  


Now it is back to work. My motto in life is work harder, play harder. Have you seen everything we have going on? Currently, we are taking scholarship applications till March 4th. We have a Cubs trip that we are selling tickets for that will be on Friday, July 12th to Wrigley.  We are also sponsoring the Elizabeth Rath benefit here at the office on Sunday, February 24th from 11-2 p.m.  And now we are selling our spring freezer meals.


The spring freezer meals must be ordered by March 12th with pick up April 1 from 3-5 p.m. The set of 10 meals includes: Creamy Chicken & Stuffing casserole, southwest chicken burrito bowl, hickory smoked bbq pulled chicken, cheesy ham and potato casserole, hickory smoked pulled pork, hickory smoked pork loin, swedish meatballs with pasta, tator tot casserole, baked mostaccioli, and cheesy beef enchiladas.  Each meat is packaged and ready for you to thaw and pop in the oven or crockpot.  Cost is $160 and each meal serves up to 5 people.  Contact our office today or visit our website for a flyer to order your set of meals. 

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