Farm Bureau from a Glance -  April 18, 2018

Another successful Cub’s bus trip is in the books, and better yet they won too! Thank you for all those who took part in our bus trip and joined us for a day of fun!  It felt a little strange to be going to a game so early in the season, but being inside was very nice! It certainly beats sitting outside and freezing like we have been for high school games.  That is if Mother Nature cooperates and we get them in.

This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week.  Our organization wouldn’t run without our volunteers.  I know it is harder and harder for people to volunteer. What has changed? I know what I feel has changed in my opinion.  For one, 30 years ago, volunteer opportunities were like social events. You didn’t see and talk to people as much as you do now. Kids are now involved in sports more, dance, cinema club, whatever interest there is. I know by chance if I get a night at where I have nothing to do after many nights of being on the run, I will come up with every excuse in the book to not attend something!

So I know how our board members feel when they have to come to a meeting after working all day. I understand why the wives will stay home instead of attending an event or program. While the passion may be there, sometimes the peace and quiet of having a night at home or being able to catch up on the housework, etc. out weighs everything else.  I am very thankfully they are able to give the time and are willing.

Our Young Leaders are our most active committee and each year they put in countless number of hours on the programs they do. They are currently a large part of our success and in the future they will be our leaders.

We also have a wonderful lady who helps each week with our backpack program.  Diane has taken a lot of pressure off me by packing the bags and delivering them each week. I truly appreciate everything she does. So if you see any of our board members or committee members out and about  thank them for the time they give to our organization.

Through our partnership with PeaceofMind Alert, Inc.,  is now able to offer a member benefit for top of the line medical alarm products to protect the lives of our members or a member’s family member.  We recognizes that, unfortunately, there is no crystal ball to know when you may have an emergency in or around your home or in any other situation when no one is around to help, but the following information merits being proactive with protecting one’s life as opposed to waiting until it is too late...One out of three Americans age 65 or older fall at least once a year, and the chances of surviving a fall are six times greater if you are found in one hour.  Every minute that a stroke victim goes unattended, the chance of permanent disability or death increases dramatically.  Approximately 350,000 Americans die from heart attacks each year because they do not get help immediately.  In addition, 3 million Americans sustain disabling injuries in or around their home each year.  In short, a medical alarm device can provide the independence for the elderly that spend time alone, peace of mind for family members and reassurance that if one of the fore-mentioned occurrences does take place help is just a push of a button away.


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