July 31

Thank you. Those two simple words do not seem near enough as much gratitude as I have for my Board of Directors. I am sure they would say the same for me, but it is my job. They stepped up and did so much to make our Centennial Celebration a success. With last minute decisions to make it more comfortable and set up, we spent a lot more time working on it in the heat than we thought it was going to take.  It was countless trips and moving things around, but they all did it with grace and no complaints, just a lot of sweat!

Thank you to all our members who came out to the event. We greatly appreciate your support over the past 100 years. I have so many others to thank as well. Special Touch for the floral arrangements they made, Bio Ag for the use of their trailer for a stage, the COUNTRY agents who were able to assist with our event, Custom Catering & BBQ and Scott for slaving over the hot grill in the 100+ degree heat index to grill the steaks. Marlis Kapfenstein for working the check-in table, the Carroll County Fair, Chad Selman for hooking up the AC unit, Exchange State Bank for the plant they sent, and who ever else I may have missed. I thank you for what you did and for being a part of the event.

 I think one of the highlights for a number of you was also seeing past Carroll County Farm Bureau Manager Bob Rohrer.  Bob is currently the manager at the Cook County Farm Bureau.  If you did not make it to the event and would like a copy of our 100th Anniversary booklet, we have some here at the office.

It is quite the milestone to make it 100 years. In the twenty plus years I have seen many changes.  Change is going to continue to affect our organization. In forecasting the future, I know we will not be a stand-alone county in the next 100 years. Why you ask? Well in case you haven’t noticed, Carroll County itself keeps losing population each year. There is only so much an organization can do to survive in a climate that has decreasing numbers.  Can I predict when this will happen? I don’t think in the near future by any means. We are lucky to have a strong membership at this time.

One of the downfalls of hosting an event like the membership appreciation is I don’t get the chance to talk to a lot of my members. I see everyone in passing and get a second perhaps to talk to a few of you. After all the years with the organization and many of our paths crossing in the different times over the year, we may not see each other like we did before. So, if I rudely passed by or got pulled away, I apologize. 

In other news, peach orders are due on August 6th.  The peaches will be here on Tuesday, August 13 and are available for pick up after 9 a.m.  The cost is $33 for members for a 25-pound box and $38 for non-members. Contact our office today to get your order placed.

Next week is the Carroll County Fair. The Ag Olympics will take place Sunday, August 4th at 3 p.m. in front of the grandstand.  This year the Children’s Farm will be located in the commercial building.  We will be there Wednesday from 4:30-7:30 p.m., Thursday 1 -7:30 p.m., Friday from 4:30-7:30 p.m. and Saturday noon -3 p.m.  See you there!

If you call or stop by our office, you will see or hear a new face. Dan Obert from Orangeville is currently training here for the next month. I will have him do a column and introduce himself in next week’s issue. 


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